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GOD IS KIND: The potency of trust

Read Part 4 here

On this third day of praise, I felt like drinking Chinese tea. My praise jam was on already and I was reading my bible and making my confessions in preparation for my dance. I couldn’t shake off the urge to drink the tea. I made it and started sipping. 

I started cramping badly. I was wondering why is this happening, I’ve had my period already. I don’t have endometriosis anymore. I will tell you how God delivered me from that one shortly.I continued my dance in pain. Before I knew it, I felt pressured below. I washed my hands and sent it there. Men and brethren, Look who came out


Both are the same fibroid. Picture 1: After I washed it. Picture 2: When it just fell out.

felt different  emotions at once. One of which was fear. Ah God! What is this again? Are there more? What next? How long would this monster keep coming back? I summoned courage and resumed my praise. I gave my best dance that third day. 

Shortly afterwards, my husband called. I didn’t know if I should tell him or not. I finally decided not to tell him. I mean this man is away, why send this kind of headache to him. I then decided that I will go do a scan first and the outcome will determine if I will tell him now or wait till he is back home.

The next day, I went for my scan and here is the story I got below.

The doctor recommended that I went for a CT scan.  This was day 4 of my praise party. My husband and I spoke severally that day but I didn’t mention it. I had intended to wait till he returned home. 

When it was 6pm, I was about to do my praise party when the fear heightened again. What if there are more fibroids? Why are they not seeing anything in normal scan?  You better go and do what they asked you to do now. Even if you are praying do your part. Different voices were in my head.

I got on google to know what this CT scan entailed, Where it could be done in Awka, Anambra state and at what cost. I found a hospital and called them. They required a procedure that I couldn’t decide on my own. At this point, I had to tell my husband.  He decided I should go get it done. 

I called the hospital and they asked me to come in that evening for some pre-tests. It was about 7pm at this time. Not a good time to hit the road but I had to as I intended to do the CT scan the next day. 

I hurriedly got dressed, grabbed the car keys and was about to leave our bedroom when my husband called back. 
He said he just prayed and the Lord just spoke to him. I asked what he said. My husband said the Lord told him to stop me from going through with the CT scan arrangement and that if by January 2021 I didn’t conceive, he (my husband) should ask him questions.
My husband then asked how much did they say the scan is again? I said seventy Five thousand Naira, excluding pre tests. He said, 

Babe have you noticed that the enemy just wants to keep us miserable in December? We can’t allow him do that to us this year. Find a tourism package let’s add to the supposed  CT money and go on a vacation. 

Men and brethren that sounded GOOD to me. 

Look, in December  2019, the atmosphere in my home was moody and heavy as I was mourning our loss and bleeding. We had a sad Christmas with me being the woman with the issue of blood. It was that period that first fibroid fell off, remember? 

Now December 2020 loading and we were about to start another journey. God bless my husband who saw satan’s plan and crushed it in the bud.

Between my husband and I, I’m the one who will readily say “God told me.” My husband doesn’t hear “anyhow” but when he does and tells you God said, you can stake a billion on it. 
Knowing that he definitely heard God, I hung the car keys back in it’s place and reset myself for my praise party. 
I laid my precious wedding wrapper on the floor of our bedroom in honour to the Lord, as I danced my heart out to him.

After that, I grabbed my phone and stayed on Instagram searching for a good tour package. COVID was at its peak so we decided for a place within the country- the beautiful Obudu Resort. 

Shout out to all the wonderful people we met on this vacation. God bless y’all. 

December 2021 came and it was time for fun! 

On our way to Enugu to join the group, two pregnant women who were hawking oranges and something else, came by our bus to sell. My husband gave both of them money. 

After like 2 minutes, my husband said God told him that the angel of one of the children came to him and said, “whatever that man needs do it for him quickly”.  

My husband has never been bothered about the child matter, making money is his hobby  (Hahaha). I thought he would make requests around money and our businesses. To my surprise, he told me he asked the Lord to give us a child as he promised him. I said my Amen confidently. 

At Obudu, something worthy of note happened.

Kindly leave your comments and share the hope! 

Warm hugs




  1. Wow, this story is increasing my faith one way. Trusting God truly. I believe my husband will one day hear God for our household and I won't be the only one saying God say.

    1. Amen!! We decree that he gets an encounter that deepens his work with God in Jesus name!! Amen

  2. God is super awesome!..radical faith...radical faith...God is faithful times unlimited ��

  3. This is so encouraging. God is always faithful, but waiting period is never fun

  4. Mama, dear Mama. I have read your story, I have seen you and I reckon that God is kind.

    For a while I have stopped evangelizing because I hate myself for it. And feel unworthy.

    Unworthy of anything, unworthy of his presence , grace, favour, marriage; anything.

    But, I see the vices of the enemy and I would do it and trudge on anyway.

    God is kind!

    1. My beloved!

      God forgives
      God doesn’t hold grudges against the contrite hearted
      God is indeed kind even to the undeserving like me and you.

      Services such a evangelism is a response in gratitude for his kindness. When you do anything for the Lord see it that you are showing appreciation that way the enemy will never be able to stop you!

  5. God is truly kind. Thank God for strength to conquer this.

  6. Wow... my faith in GOD has increased immensely... He's true to His word.

  7. I've been blessed listening to your wonderful testimony... I'm believing God strongly for my own twin babies... I'm confident He'll do it

  8. God led me here honestly.
    Thank you ma for sharing your journey. From last year till this year, my faith has been tested in the areas of my health, career, family and relationship. I had alot to ask God but everyday, I see that it's my trials that make me stronger.
    Your story is stirring up faith in me!


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