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GOD IS KIND: Prophetic Word

 Read part 6 here

    The one who made us smile this broadly will settle you in that area of waiting when you lest expect it. 

My journey  to being Nkechi’s mum is only one part of my life where I’ve had to obtain things by aggressive faith. There is nothing good that I’ve ever desired that I haven’t had to purposefully switch on my aggressive faith mode to receive. 

I have faith stories, from university admissions, to graduating with a second class upper, Landing  jobs, getting a car, hosting conferences and outreaches, winning souls, influencing/possessing territorial dominion, publishing books, getting married and now having children. Everyone of them when shared would provoke anyone to trust God. 

However, while these stories have the tendency to portray me as a faith expert, I am far from being one. This is because  whether  God answers or not  he is God. My situation is not enough to validate the credibility of who he is as a prayer answering God. I therefore consider it a privilege to be found in valleys where I need to trust him and use my faith. They are opportunities for me to grow and experience dimensions of God that I wouldn’t have, had things come easier.

I have longed come to a place in my life where I believe and unashamedly say this to God, 

I love you, whether you do it, take it, give me or don’t. I will serve you forever, regardless.  

I have been tried and tested on that level, I will leave it to God to say if I’ve passed or not. 

However, I am convinced that God wants every believer to relate with him on that level. It is a level that proves that you are not there for his gifts but for him. 

Ask yourself, 

If God doesn’t give me what I’m waiting on him for, would I still love, praise or serve him?  Whatever your heart answers, make sure it is the truth. 

Based on that truth, re-engineer your relationship with him to include a solid loyalty that is unwavered by what he does or doesn’t do. For it is at that level, that surrendered place, that you will receive much more than you can ever ask, think or imagine. 

Would you ? 

May I pray with you please? 

Father, Thank you for choosing to show off your kindness through the lives of my husband and I. It’s such an honour to steward Nkechi for you. May you be proud of our work over her when you call us home. 

Exact, thank you for the privilege of sharing our love walk with the world. I like how you’ve written the story of my life to show off your sovereignty. I love you forever. 

My king, please bring everyone who reads or hear of my story into an intimate, unwavering, rock-solid relationship with you. May their journeys reflect distinct sides of you that will cause others to run to you. 

Wipe long standing tears away from their eyes. Give them tangible reasons to boast of your kindness as I am doing today. Comfort all who mourn in Zion. 

Let no one who needs a child that reads this blog or hear my story and asks you for a child or children be disappointed. Honour your name on my life and lips and bring a harvest of babies across the world through my testimony. 

By your wisdom, we will steward these children for the establishment of your government/kingdom on earth forever. 

Thank you king of all impossibilities for answering us, In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 

Thank you for sharing in our joy! 

Committed to your fulfillment 

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  1. Amen.... Thank you very much ma for sharing this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your agressive faith story and testimoniesss ma. Indeed God is faithful and indeed, I will share my testimony VERY SOON of my healing that has defiled medical help, for 10 years. Thank you ma!

    1. I agree with you l, therefore your testimony is established in Jesus name, Amen


    1. You are sorted!! Go and graduate well In Jesus name

  4. Congratulations ma, The God that honoured you will do same for me. Amen

  5. Our God is kind!!
    I'm shaking right now!!
    Thank you ma for sharing your story. I learnt a lot and it strengthened me the more. My faith got ignited the more! God bless you and yours more, ma.

  6. Congratulations on your miracle baby and thank you so much for sharing your story which clearly showcases the sovereignty and faithfulness of the most high God.

    I have experienced the pain of waiting, the joy of a positive pregnancy tests and the heartbreak and disappointment from miscarriages. The last one was most traumatic. Oh how I prayed! But alas!!!
    I have cried tears that no one else but God alone has seen. I don't know if I am completely over the trauma from those experiences but I know for sure that He who has promised is faithful and will turn all my hurt and prayers to testimony.
    Your story has proven that God is still in the business of being faithful.

    Once again, congratulations!

  7. Amen and thank you for sharing Ma'am.
    You did not only keep me glued to my screen for more than 40mins but my faith is also boasted.
    Hmm, God bless you Ma!

  8. Amen to the prayers. Thank you momma Anne for this mind-blowing testimony, indeed my faith has been boosted to even trust God the more.

    Am trusting God for my own miracle babies, am sure he will come through for me before the end of this year. Amen

  9. Amen
    Thank you so much ma
    This is a Faith booster, He is God and God forever, I was cling to every story, Thanks for being loyal to God in the good and the Bad, thanks for holding strong when there was nothing to hold unto.
    God bless and keep you ma


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